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FTI RailTec is the preventative repair so effective that it is part of standard specifications during installation.
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The FTI RailTec System has been implemented in thousands of miles of track all over the world including the United States, Great Britian, Canada, Hong Kong and Japan. Many companies that have implemented the RailTec system have found the preventative repair to be so effective that it is an integral part of their standard specifications during installations.

Network Rail - United Kingdom
100+ miles of Track

In the UK, the Exeter to Sherbourne route comprises 38 km of track. Prior to a cold working maintenance action that started in 1987, the line was plagued with rail-end bolt hole cracks in the form of star cracks. By 1991 the entire route was treated and the number of incidences of star cracking reduced from 25 in 1987 to just 1 in 1991.

Network Rail Link
Process for Cold Expanding Existing Fishbolt Holes by Split Sleeve Method.

Reference: NR/SP/TRK/051 (Formally RT/CE/S/051)

Edmonton Light Rail - Alberta Canada
21 km of Track

Edmonton Light Rail Transit (LRT) began service in early 2009. A year later, the City of Edmonton purchased FTI's RailTec System to service the full line (21 km of track). The LRT is electric powered and carries over 92,000 passengers on an average day; operating at a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

Union Pacific - United States

Procedures Manual and Process Specification for Cold Expansion of Railroad Track End Joint Bolt Holes.

Reference: Contract DOT-TSC-1048




Users of the RailTec CBX
system include:

North American Railroads
Union Pacific
Burlington Northern
Washington Mass Transit

Network Rail - UK
Thailand State Railway
Hong Kong Mass Transit


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