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FTI RailTec - A proven system in use for 30 years by Network Rail.
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Benefits of the FTI RailTec CBX system include:

A proven system in use worldwide for over 40 years
and for 30 years by Network Rail.

Reduces track maintenance costs.

Extends inspection and maintenance cycles significantly.

Increases the structural integrity and safety of the line.

Arrests the growth of micro cracks (star cracks) in holes.

Simple and easy to use one-sided operation.

Typically improves the fatigue life of bolt holes by at least 3:1.

Applicable to new production environments.

Cost-effective alternative to replacing the rail.

Holes in existing rails can be cold hole expanded and safely returned to service, providing added protection against undetected cracks.

Can be applied to fish plates, wheels, bridges
and other structures.



The RailTec CBX system helps to prevent problems like the examples shown below:


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