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Bolt Hole Crack Prevention (CBX) System - Reducing rail breakages and track related incidents

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CBX - Preventing bolt hole cracks in rails

HIRD Rail Development (HRD) is the appointed Global Reseller for Fatigue Technology (FTI), the world’s leading authority on the cold bolt hole expansion (CBX) process.

The RailTec CBX process was developed for the rail industry by FTI as a preventative system to reduce rail breakages, track-related incidents and derailments. The life of bolt holes is increased significantly by producing a zone of residual compressive stress around them by using the RailTec CBX expansion mandrel and proprietary lubricated split sleeves.

Easily applied to all main line or branch line tracks as part of routine maintenance, rails with small fatigue cracks can be reworked and safely returned to service. CBX can also be used during the manufacture of rails, level crossings, frogs and switches.

Download a PDF copy of the HRD CBX leaflet. Click here.


RailTec CBX system benefits include:

Reduced track maintenance and inspection costs.

Arrests the growth of micro cracks (star cracks).

Increases the fatigue life of bolt holes by at least 3:1.

A proven system - in use by Network Rail in the UK for over 30 years.

Watch Demonstration Video Watch the CBX video demonstration

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